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Upcoming events at FLiP


FLiP Faculty are running a wide range of courses in 2017 targeted at legal professional working in family law. Our courses allow family law practitioners to develop and improve the way that they manage clients. Wherever you are in your career we believe that these courses will deliver improved understanding of the way that you work and the way that you support your clients. 
Training is delivered at 4 main locations across the UK (London, North East, North West, Midlands, South West). Prices include the provision all training materials and lunches for the full day courses. 
Our booking system will be going live soon. In the meantime if you would like further information on a specific course or would like to book a place on one of those advertised below please email us at or call :+44 (0) 330 1330 852 
The following are the initial courses we aim to provide up to the end of June (we will be posting the rest of the 2017 courses shortly): 
Parenting Coordination - Full 8 day traning The 5th October sees the start of the first Parenting Coordination training course with 4 two day sessions between October and February. What is Parenting Coordination? 05/10/17 - What is Parenting Coordination and how does it work? (Day 1 of the Parenting Coordination training) Parenting Coordination Techniques & Issues 06/10/17 - Parenting Coordination Techniques & Issues (Day 2 of the Parenting Coordination Training) FLiP Faculty Two Day Programme 12-13/10/2017 This two day special programme is an excellent opportunity to attend four fascinating half day courses present by excellent speakers in London Communicating with others when things get tricky 12/10/17(am) - Understand and learn how to deal with the danger family professionals face of falling into the “One stop shop” trap, feeling you need to provide services and skillsets to clients you simply don’t have. What do you bring to the party? 12/10/17 (pm) - A unique opportunity to look afresh at the way you work, considering the skills needed to turn us from good, competent lawyers and mediators into ones who have the chance to flourish. Unconscious Contracts: Understanding Divorce 13/10/17(am) This course introduces participants to the unconscious processes involved in falling in love. It will provide an understanding of what goes wrong in relationships that leads partners to separate and divorce. First Aid for Separating Parents 13/10/17(pm) An introductory course inviting delegates to reflect upon how they can engage with parents who are facing separation. Develop the insight and skills to help clients to deliver what their children need from them as a family changes its shape. The Mind & Body Pit Stop Pyramid 2-3/11/2017 - An interactive two-day workshop for family law professionals and associates who are looking to change their lives for a healthier one.