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Gillian is a Family Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator and founder of the boutique family law company Family Law in Partnership (better known to many as FLiP). From the start of FLiP Gillian has had an underlying belief that the way that people going through divorces and family issues can be supported by the legal sector can be improved. FLiP was founded on this belief and has delivered 21 years’ of support to clients, proving time and again its worth. She is also a regular trainer on courses such as “Deeper Listening”. 
Felicity is a family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator as well as a deputy district judge. Having run her own firm and latterly joining FLiP as a consultant to allow her more time for her DDJ role. She is also a regular speaker on subjects relating to dispute resolution and a key speaker for the Parenting Coordinator course. 
FLiP Faculty is an independent company focused purely on delivering a unique range of courses to professionals in the family law sector. 
Our aim is to be seen as the foremost provider of such training to the family law sector, allowing barristers, solicitors and legal executives to truly excel, providing the best possible service to their clients. Our speakers have extensive knowledge and experience in their fields of expertise and a passion for delivering this knowledge to you. The courses are all aimed at allowing practitioners to gain a greater insight into the behaviours of clients and the way that they respond to these. As we put it: “making the good, great!” 
In addition FLiP Faculty Ltd is working to build the Parenting Coordinator role into the UK. Our Parenting Coordination pages provide more detail on this valuable service whose benefits have been well proven in, for example, Canada, certain states in the USA and South Africa. 


Gillian Bishop
Gillian Bishop 
Felicity Snedden
Felicity Shedden 
Alex von der Heyde
Alex von der Heyde 
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