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Course Summary 
The Enneagram is an extraordinarily accurate model of human personality, describing nine very different types of people. Amongst other things it gives insight into our unconscious focus of attention and world-view, our hidden drivers and hot buttons, our real metiers and avoidances, and how we may come across to others without knowing or intending it. 
For example, are you sometimes surprised that people find you threatening, or over-familiar, or unapproachable, (to name but three) when you’re simply trying to be helpful? Perhaps you know that you find it difficult to work with certain types of people – and family lawyers come across all sorts – and you’re not quite sure why, or how to get round it. 
Of course we are all unique; and personality type as defined by the Enneagram is a very precise and recognisable organising structure, a repeating pattern of mind, heart and body running like a thread underlying life’s experiences and events, including a characteristic – and sometime surprising – shift when a person is under great stress, and also when they are feeling secure. 
The better we understand ourselves and others, the better able we are to create appreciative co-operation, smoother and more satisfying relationships during the course of working together, and often better outcomes – and certainly much less stress. 
This half-day course is a practical introduction to one of the most accurate and useful personality models currently available. You will have a chance to dialogue and explore the types – and possibly discover your own – within the larger group and small groups. 

Who is this course for / Who should attend? 

Anyone engaged in family law at any level who wants to improve both their personal satisfaction and their relationships with clients and colleagues. 

Key learning objectives 

Key learning points 

Gain a clear overview of this powerful and dynamic system 
Explore nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting 
Identify which is probably your own pattern 
Recognise the three centres of intelligence (thinking, feeling, acting) and which is yours 

By the end of the course you will be able to 

Understand how different people seem to speak different ‘languages’ to yours 
Begin to adjust your own style and be more flexible in communication 
Know where to go next for more insight 


09.00 - 09.30 
Registration and Coffee 
09.30 - 11.00 
First Session 
11.00 - 11.15 
Tea / Coffee Break 
11.15 - 12.45 
Second Session & Close 

Standard Delegate Rates 

When being run as a public course this half day course will typically have a delegate rate of £150.00 + VAT 
Discounts are also available for bookings of 3 delegates or more. For further information please contact 
In addition this course can be run as an in-house training session. Prices will depend on location and numbers of delegates attending. For a detailed proposal please contact us at 
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