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‘People feel safe with you Peter’ A colleague 
Not being a lawyer enables me to see your daily working world with fresh eyes. Having worked as a caring professional for 38 years, training as a supervisor has given me a real insight into your profession. I am deeply impressed by the high levels of empathetic engagement and care you as family lawyers find yourselves giving on a daily basis. The personal cost of your hugely demanding work can be very great. 
Supervision enables wellbeing in the midst of relentless demands. It helps you thrive rather than just survive. I know what it’s like to sustain high demand work over the course of months, years and decades. I know how we can change over time, and the importance and challenge of needing to adapt as things around us change too. I have a wealth of insight into the complexities of human relationships, the way people react and their expectations. 
People describe me as a deep listener, reflective, and with wisdom born from experience. With my wide, inclusive perspective I can help you work through your worries and concerns. Offering a safe and confidential space means you can offload work-related stresses and problems, explore dilemmas and think through solutions without judgement in a setting outside the daily workplace environment. 
I would welcome the opportunity of discussing working with you. 
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