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Elizabeth Stokoe is Professor of Social Interaction in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University. Her research interests are in social interaction: conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis of interaction in a variety of contexts including healthcare settings, police interviews and hostage negotiation, mediation, dating, education, commercial sales encounters, and communication training. Some of her research underpins the 'Conversation Analytic Role-play Method', a technique for communication training that she developed She has run hundreds of workshops with service providers of different kinds. CARM won Loughborough University's Social Enterprise award (2013). She also won a British Psychological Society mid-career award in 2011. She was an Associate Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology and Co-Editor of Gender and Language (2011-2014), and is the founding Editor of Mediation Theory and Practice. Her research and biography was the subject of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Life Scientific’. I have given talks at TEDx (2014), the Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse (2015; 2016), at Latitude Festival 2016 on the Wellcome Trust/British Psychological Society stage, and at New Scientist Live (2016). CARM won a WIRED Innovation Fellowship in 2015. 


BSc Psychology, 2993; PhD Psychology 1997; Chartered Psychologist 2000, Higher Education Academy Fellow (2000). 


I have been helping mediators to understand that their passion and way of articulating mediation may not be their best sales pitch! 
More generally, I use research about how talk works to help people communicate better, and this often involves upending what they have been trained to do. 

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