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Awareness of supervision among family lawyers is currently creating a strong demand. If you are a dynamic and ambitious supervisor, keen to extend your practice base and significantly add to your earnings, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The call for supervision in the family law profession is growing faster than the number of supervisors available. Your services are needed! 
We are delighted to be offering a two-day conversion training for qualified supervisors wishing to supervise family law professionals. 
You already have the necessary skills and, if you’ve had a flourishing supervision practice for a number of years, the required level of experience too.  
Our two-day gathering is aimed at acquainting you with the basics of how family law works, the cultural assumptions that underpin it and the types of issues that lawyers typically seek support for. The training includes plenty of opportunity for ‘on stage’ supervising of a real family lawyer! 


The course will be taught by Christopher Mills, a psychotherapist who introduced supervision to family lawyers in 2013 and who has been behind the rapid growth in awareness of its benefits since. Alongside Gillian Bishop, one of his first lawyer supervisees, he has run trainings and workshops across the UK for lawyers wishing to become supervisors of their own profession.  
In 2018 he received a Special Recognition Award for this work from BCPC, his professional membership organisation. He qualified as a supervisor at CSTD, and his approach to supervision closely mirrors the model developed in Supervision In The Helping Professions by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet. Gillian Bishop will also be with us for the two days, offering her perspectives as a family lawyer and her services as a supervisee guinea-pig. Gillian is a highly acclaimed and award-winning family lawyer who founded her own niche family law firm, Family Law In Partnership, in 1995. She is also the founder of FLiP Faculty. 
After successfully completing the two days, we will ask you to submit a 1000-word statement describing your approach to supervision and the particular strengths you anticipate bringing to the role of family law supervisor. If the ‘fit’ seems right, we will add you to our database of supervisors. You will become part of a growing cohort of mutually-supportive practitioners offering a quality of input to the family law profession that it has never had until now. 
In order to get a feel for what supervising family lawyers can entail, we also ask that you read Christopher Mills’s book The Case That Really Got To Me, available to buy on his website, before the start of the training. 


Chris is a psychotherapist, family consultant and supervisor. He believes that knowledge of what contributes to healthy and conscious relating provides the bedrock for excellence and success in the work of family law. The traditional lawyer/client model highlights the professionals’ role as expert, doing something to or for the clients and/or their children. For the field of ADR practice, where the locus of responsibility is more balanced and shared, he is keen to widen this focus to include relationships between the professionals, the central importance of which has been overlooked. Through the FLiP Faculty he hopes to share some of his knowledge and experience with family law practitioners keen to enhance their understanding of why good relating comes before good advice. Chris's view can be summed up by the mantra, “We can’t facilitate for others what we are unable to facilitate for ourselves.” 

Standard Delegate Rates 

Public course rate: £950.00 + VAT 
For further details and prices please contact us on 0330 1330 852 or email 
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