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Micro skills for lawyers is a two-day intensive course providing the skills for lawyers working with clients who present as intractable and seemingly unable to take advantage of the legal assistance they are being offered. This training, through the use of actors, will provide a strong experiential and practical focus on the subtle and delicate skills lawyers can use to help their clients become more amenable to constructive legal advice and guidance. As a result of gaining these micro skills, lawyers will be able to keep their clients engaged for longer and to have a greater influence on their clients who will then be able to take advantage of their legal counsel. 

Who is this training relevant for / Who should attend? 

This course is applicable for lawyers who work with individuals who present as intractable and belligerent often demanding that their lawyers adopt an aggressive and adversarial stance against their former partners or other parties with whom they are in conflict. These clients are often hard to engage and are behaving in ways that are not ultimately in their own best interests, this course will show lawyers how to help their clients to become more amenable and to resolve their conflicts. 
A prerequisite is some experience with working with post separation parents 


Key learning objectives 

Key learning points 

To gain an accessible appreciation of the theory and principles behind engaging and retaining clients.  
How to help the client to have ‘flashes of insight’ into how they are perceived by others. 
How to help their client to relinquish their desire for an adversarial process and to refocus on the need for more harmonious outcomes  
To re-humanise adversaries and to encourage empathy for others.  
Narrative therapy skills to help the client ‘shift the blame’ away from other people and onto the problem (their communication). 

By the end of the course you will be able to... 

Assist their clients who are entrenched in high conflict to reduce blame and recrimination and to reach mutually satisfactory agreements. 
Stimulate a greater reflective capacity in clients 
Assist parents to increase their empathy for and to be more mindful of their children. 

Course Price 

The delegate rate for this two day course only is £450.00 + VAT 
Discounts are also available for bookings of 3 delegates or more. For further information please contact 

Event Timing 

Day 1 
Day 2 
09.00 - 09.30 
Registration and Tea / Coffee 
Welcome back, Review of day 1 
09.30 - 11.00 
First Session 
Fith Session 
11.00 - 11.15 
Tea / Coffee Break 
Tea / Coffee Break 
11.15 - 12.45 
Second Session 
Sixth Session 
12.45 - 13.45 
Lunch Break 
Lunch Break 
13.45 - 15.15 
Third Session 
Seventh Session 
15.15 - 15.30 
Tea / Coffee Break 
Tea / Coffee Break 
15.30 - 17.00 
Fourth Session 
Final Session and Close 

CPD Certificates 

A CPD certificate will be provided at the end of the course. As a two day course this will be for 14 CPD points. 
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