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Karen Webb runs Enneagram Studies UK, and has taught the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition since 1991, after graduating from the Enneagram Professional Training Program with Helen Palmer®. 
During the 1980s she was in Management Consultancy, Training and Human Resource Development, with a focus on the transpersonal, and before leaving this field led a team of 50 running management and communication trainings in the UK and Europe. 
Currently Karen's clients range from religious houses and pastoral teams, therapists and meditation groups, schools and hospitals, to multi-national companies committed to a personal growth philosophy. 
Her book 'Principles of the Enneagram’ is available in thirteen languages. 


Computer programming, systems analysis, delivering technical training 
10 years management training, consultancy, organisational development and leadership training 
25 years Enneagram training, consultancy, life and management coaching, and counselling with individuals and couples 
2 years psychotherapy 


Enneagram Professional Training Certification 
Human Givens Psychotherapy 


The Enneagram is far and away the most accurate and insightful personality model I’ve ever come across in 35 years in the world of management and personal growth training. I’m passionate about people learning to know themselves deeply, discover how to fulfil their own potential, and be more creative contributive people in their own walks of life, personal and work-based. The feedback from hundreds of thousands of people around the world testifies to the fact that the enneagram is a superb tool for just that. 
And I’m passionate about teaching this in a live setting because it is simply not possible to discover your Enneagram ‘type’ through a questionnaire*. Nor will any amount of reading give you the in-depth inner understanding of yourself, and of others, which enable practical positive change. It’s not about behaviours, nor even about reactions and beliefs. It’s about what drives you from within, what your underlying view of the world is, and why you are the way you are. Often that’s completely hidden from our own view. No questionnaire can elicit it. All of us like to help others, for example, but only one of the nine types feels worthless unless everything they’re doing is for others, and is so good at it that they don’t realise what’s going on inside. 
*Fact. The best questionnaires have been tested, and none of them is more than 80% accurate - and how are you to know if you’re in the 80 or the 20? 

Existing delegate feedback 

"I have just had 3 days with Karen Webb on an Advanced Enneagram course, which was truly tremendous. The Enneagram is in my opinion simply the best personality profiling tool there is in the world and none of the others come close to it in terms of how it can help you develop as a human being; but it’s subtle, complex, and like life, rich with meaning. Karen is able to take you through all this and enable you - without one powerpoint slide - to see where you fit, what your issues are, and how to go about resolving them more effectively. She is an inspired and authentic teacher in the oral tradition. She won’t be for everybody - if you want to be spoon fed, don’t visit her! - but if you want someone who can lead and teach with empathy and point you in the right direction, she is superb. I strongly recommend her." James Sale, international management and motivation expert 
‘As an accountant I like clear objectives. I was sceptical and decided the only way I could judge your course was by whether we were all kinder and more co-operative. We were and are.’ 
‘I want to say how skilled and sensitive your presentation was. It was a big group and I thought the way you responded to us all as individuals was just wonderful.’ 
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